Based out of Co. Kerry, Ireland and New Hampshire, USA, Ash and Siobhán come together for the harmony-centered melodies of Woven Kin. Their songs are dreamscapes and journeys, tradition and new ground. Following the May 2020 release of their collaboration with the artist AJEET, (song premiered at @AmericanSongwriter,) and four subsequent singles, Woven Kin now prepares for the release of their first full album, ‘Hibernate’ featuring artists such as Liam Ó Maonlaí (Hothouse Flowers) and Leah Song (Rising Appalachia).

‘Hibernate’ was largely created during the surreal months of 2020, a year of hibernation and solitude for many. It brings together lilting harmonies with delicately woven dreamscapes. The first track of the album, ‘Hibernate’, invites you into a dark, dreamlike space where you journey until the final track of the album, ‘Morning Song’, which draws the listener back to wakefulness. There’s a gentleness to the sound, but also a grounded earthy depth to the organic instrumentation. Folk instruments such as the Irish harp, bodhrán, bouzouki, banjo and the mandolin feature heavily throughout, along with percussive beats, big basslines and electronic textures. The duo gives space to their roots in traditional Irish music, while drawing from their personal love of contemporary folk and electronic music.