Something amazing happens when Hothouse Flowers step onto the stage – something that has been shaped by over thirty years of singing and playing all over the world, yet no two shows have ever been the same! There is a sense of musical adventure – an impulse to reach new heights and depths in music where the unspoken aim is that the band and the audience become one and the world becomes a different place for a while.

Hothouse Flowers is a rock n’ roll band, Hothouse Flowers is a traditional band, and also a soul band. Despite the bands lengthy career, which is now heading into its fourth decade there is a sense of unfinished business. Every night they want to play the best gig they have ever played and take the musical risks that can maybe make that possible. There are still songs to be written and emotions to share.

Hothouse Flowers were featured in the opening scene of Amazon Prime’s hugely successful ‘The Grand Tour’ this year to perform their version of ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ for an invited audience in the Mojave Desert. I Can See Clearly Now then went to Number 1 in the UK iTunes Rock Charts… a mere 26 years after its first release!

The band’s recent UK tour saw them reveal new material from their new album ‘Let’s Do This Thing’ which is out and available for download on the band’s website!

Hothouse Flowers’ debut album, ‘People’, was released in 1988 and is the biggest selling debut album by an Irish artist in Ireland. Liam, Fiachna and Peter joined Ray D’Arcy on his radio show on RTE Radio 1 for a chat and a few songs to mark the occasion.

After touring the world over the last three decades Hothouse Flowers have been continuing to explore the depths of beat and tone through their music and their friendship. They call upon their repertoire to carry the room into places inspired by Mali and Sahara and back to this ancient island of mystery and culture. With music anything is possible. In a split second you could find yourself surfing on shared rhythmic sonic experience and it just feels so good! If the musician is feeling the music, that feeling is transmitted and it fills the room.